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Poly ParrotPoly Gun Bags and Supplies

Welcome to polygunbag.com Serving our customers since 2002. Last updated 4/02/20.

Poly Gun Bags provide the anti-rust protection your firearms need.

We would like to thank our customers for using and trusting our Poly Gun Bags for the past 17 years. They are made in the USA using a proprietary blend of VCI/VPCI additives to protect a broad range of ferris and non-ferris metals. Our Poly Gun Bags meet or exceed US military spec. and the US steel and bearing industry protection requiremnts. We continue to use the most advanced rust protection additives available. Our bag and tie closure system is simple and effective. They can also be vacuum and heat sealed. We have done research on different closure systems such as ziplock and velcro but found ours to be the most effective and long lasting system. Our customers feed back and testamonies have been 100% positive.

Poly Gun Bags also specialize in selective and rare ammunition, brass, and bullets.

Many of the specialty and uncommon items we carry are acquired from ammo collections and are not available thru any distributors. These collections are getting harder to find as the years go by. These are nonreplacable items.

We are in the process of updating our website, adding new items that have not been available for 20 - 40 years. We may have only have a few rounds or lots of some of these items so do not hesitate if you see something you like.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

We are interested in purchasing any rare collections in .50 cal., .308, 30-06, 7.62 x 54, 7.62 x 39, and .223. Top dollar paid.

Look around our site, Click on the buttons to the left and on the photos for more information. Things change often. If you do not see what you want,
call or e-mail us. NO sales to Massachusetts.

Click on pictures for larger view and more info.
.30 cal 168 grain Match tips .30 Cal. M852 168 grain HPBT Match tips, new old stock 30BU181 100 count $25.00
+ Sh
.223 M856 62 grain tracer tips .223 - M-856 62 grain orange tip tracer. 23BU87 100 count
300 count
500 count
+ Sh
Titanium bipod feetTitanium bipod feet Titanium bipod feet. Fits Harris bipods and any other bipods legs with a .375" diameter. Gives you a slip on snug fit. Precision machined, not available anywhere else. AC94 one pair $55.00
+ Sh
223 M196 red tip tracer projectiles 223 M196 red tip tracer, 55 grain, with cup closure 23BU41 100
400 count
+ Sh
.308/30-06 M118 match tip ammunition .308/30-06 M118 match tip, 173 grain, new old stock, original version, 1 box left BU13 100 count
+ Sh
 Poly Gun Bag .50 cal package Poly Gun Bag .50 caliber package 3 rifle bags (15" x 70") 8 mil and 3 reusable ties. Now semi transparent.
PGB-50 cal one package
+ Sh
Poly Gun Bag Super Duty package Poly Gun Bag Super Duty package 3 rifle bags
(10" x 58") 8 mil and 3 reusable ties

Now semi transparent.
PGB-SD one package
+ Sh
 Poly Gun bag Pistol package Poly Gun Bag Pistol package - contains 10 pistol  bags (10" x 18") 6 mil thick and 10 reusable ties. Now semi transparent. PGB-P one package
+ Sh
Poly Gun Bag Variety Package

Poly Gun Bag Variety package - contains 2 rifle bags 8 mil thick (10" x 58") and 2 pistol bags (10" x 18")  6 mil thick and 4 reusable ties. Now semi transparent.








one pack


+ Sh



Poly Gun Bag Magazine bags Magazine VCI bags, 6ml, 5" x 12". Will fit 30 rnd AK mags, 35 rnd Galil mags, 20 rnd FNFAL mags. Simple and effective. PGB-MAG 20 bags
50 bags
100 bags

+ Sh

Strip of Poly Gun Bag in ammo can to protect ammo Poly Gun Bag Consumer tip:
Our gun bags give off a VCI/VPCI vapor that will protect metals up to 12" away from the bag material. You can conveniently cut sections of our bags and they will actually act as a VCI/VPCI emitter. Insert them in your ammo cans to protect your ammo, projectiles, brass, etc. You do not have to worry about humidity being sealed in with your items because the humidity activates more VCI/VPCI vapors to be released from the bag material. They can also be used in your tool boxes, tackle boxes, coin collections, and precision measuring tool cases such as calipers and micrometers. Wherever you store metal items in small containers





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