.308 / 7.62 x 51 NATO armor piercing M963 tips

ITEM 08BU208

.308 / 7.61 x 51 NATO armor piercing M/963 tips (Portugal). These are used in the Israeli arsenal. They are 1970's contract from Portugal. They were mixed in with projectiles that were being imported in the 1980's. They were few and far between. Years ago we sorted out as many as we could find. They are very rare and we have a limited quantity.

These tips have the same core hardness as a 30-06 M2-AP and an Israeli M61-AP. They are 147 grain with a 71 grain core vs. the M61-AP which is 152 grain with a 57 grain core. Some may have very mild pull marks. They do not need resized.

$3.00 each + Sh

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