RARE .308 FN P80,

.308 FN  P80 projectiles

Item 21

.308 FN AP P80, 150 grain, manufactured by Fabrique Nationale.  These are in # 1 condition.  In the 1980's, a very small amount of these were imported. This lot with the straight canalure lines is exceptionally rare. 1970 procuction. They look like they have never been loaded. These are very similar consruction to the M61 Israeli armor piercing projectiles, same core and same hardness. The FN have a more streamlined profile and are match quality. These are the highest quality AP projectiles available, uniform in weight and very accurate. These have been  in storage for over 30 years. Limited quantity.

As we run out of the Israeli M61-AP tips these are all we will have left.

100 count/ $225.00 + Sh.

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