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  • Proven corrosion/rust protection since 2002 for military, law enforcement, gun manufacturers, and private collectors.


Poly Gun Bags are infused with the most advanced VCI formula available
(laboratory tested).
VCI's - Vapor Corrosion inhibitors are used for shipping and storage by the military, bearing, steel and parts industries. Now the technology is available to you, custom made for firearms.
How They Work - A continuous, invisible and harmless rust-inhibiting vapor forms an unnoticeable, microscopic layer of VCI on the metal which protects the metal's total surface (exterior and interior parts, including inside the barrel). This layer instantly evaporates when the gun is removed from the bag.
Specifications - 6 mil or 8 mil polyethylene construction, puncture resistant - nontoxic- reusable. Infused with VCI inhibitors protecting a variety of metals (color - transparent green). Bag provides years of rust and corrosion protection. The pistol bag is 6 mil thick .
Uses - Storage, shipping and transporting rifles, pistols, parts kits, etc.
Saves time and money because the bag allows guns to remain in a dry state, with no need to apply and later remove oils or greases.

  Poly Gun Bag .50 caliber package 3 rifle bags (15" x 70") 8 mil and 3 reusable ties PGB-50 cal one package
+ Sh
Poly Gun Bag Super Duty package 3 rifle bags (10" x 58") 8 mil and 3 reusable ties
Now semi transparent.
PGB-SD one package
+ Sh

Poly Gun Bag Variety package - contains 2 rifle bags 8 mil thick (10" x 58") and 2 pistol bags (10" x 18")  6 mil thick and 4 reusable ties

PGB - V one package
+ Sh
Poly Gun Bag Pistol package - contains 10 pistol  bags (10" x 18") 6 mil thick and 10 reusable ties PGB-P one package

+ Sh

Magazine VCI bags, 6ml, 5" x 12". Will fit 30 rnd AK mags, 35 rnd Galil mags, 20 rnd FNFAL mags. Simple and effective. PGB MAG   20 bags
  50 bags
100 bags

+ Sh

Poly Gun Bags Consumer tip:

Our gun bags give off a VCI vapor that will protect metals up to 12" away from the bag material. You can conveniently cut sections of our bags and they will actually act as a VCI emitter. Insert them in your ammo cans to protect your ammo, projectiles, brass, etc.

You do not have to worry about humidity being sealed in with your items because the humidity activates more VCI vapors to be released from the bag material.

Can also be used in your tool boxes, tackle boxes, coin collections, and precision measuring tool cases such as calipers and micrometers. Where ever you store metal items in small containers.

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