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Poly ParrotPoly Gun Bags and Supplies

Welcome to polygunbag.com! Serving our customers since 2002. Last updated 11/27/21.

BAG YOUR INVESTMENT using our VCI infused Poly Gun Bags to protect against rust and corrosion!

Poly Gun Bags also specialize in selective and rare ammunition, brass, and bullets.

We would like to thank our customers for using and trusting our
Poly Gun Bags and other items for over 19 years.
Prices and inventories are changing daily.

Orders are call in only. We understand that reloading components and ammunition require safety and precautions. We are here to help answer the technical questions you may have at the time of purchase and after you have made your purchase. We have 30 years experience in this industry and access to several resources in the defense industry, ballistic laboratories and technicians. We feel it would truly be a disservice to our customers to sell ammunition related products with only a shopping cart. Customer safety and satisfaction will always be our #1 concern.

NO ammo, brass or bullet sales to Massachusetts.

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.308 bottle neck blanks .308 bottle neck blanks 08AM241 20 round box $15.00
+ Sh
.308 Wood Tip Blanks .308 Israeli Wood tip blanks 08AM16 20 round box $15.00
+ Sh
30-06 Tracer Ammunition .30-06 tracer ammunition 06AM125 20 rounds
100 rounds
+ Sh
7.62x54R Sellier & Bellot Ammunition 7.62 X 54R Sellier & Bellot FMJ, 180 grain non-corrosive 54AM240 20 round box $20.00
+ Sh
.303 Blue Tip Incendiary Ammunition .303 British blue tip incendiary ammo 303CCAM1 20 round box $65.00
+ Sh
7.62 x 54R frangible ammunition 7.62x54R frangible non-corrosive, 105 grain ammunition 54AM206 10 rounds $10.00
+ Sh
7.62 x 54 match ammo 7.62x54 1000 yard match competition ammo 54CCAM27 20 round box $25.00
+ Sh
9MM stripper clips 9MM 8 round stripper clips. Excellent condition. AC72 25 clips $20.00
+ Sh
7.62 x 54R Yugo Ammunition 7.62 x 54R Yugo, M30 match quality heavy ball ammunition 54AM137 one 15 round box
ten 15 round boxes
+ Sh
30-06 Lake City 150 grain flat based tips 30-06 Lake City M2 ball 150 grain flat based tips, new old stock. 06BU216 100 count
+ Sh
.308 Fiocchi plastic nose short range ammunition .308 Fiocchi semi jacket plastic nose short range ammunition 08AM240 50 round box $45.00
+ Sh
.308 Lake City M80 Ball Ammunition .308/ 7.62x51 NATO Lake City factory Ball, M80, U.S. 2013 production, 149 grain AM3 100 rounds $80.00
+ Sh
.308 Federal XM80 Ammunition .308 Federal/ Lake City XM80C ball Ammunition, 149 grain FMJ. LC headstamp with NATO cross. 08AM216 20 round box $17.00
+ Sh
.308 M276 dim tracer projectiles .308/ 7.62x51 M276 dim tracer projectiles 08BU219 100 count
500 count
+ Sh
.308 Primed Brass .308 Berdan primed brass, mil. spec., laquer sealed primer, CBC 80's headstamp BR16 250 count $65.00
+ Sh
30-06 unfired primed brass 30-06 unfired, US Military primed brass, new old stock, 40's headstamp, Boxer primed, reloadable, corrosive primers BR43 100 count
250 count
$ 45.00
+ Sh


Poly Gun Bag Super Duty WIDE package

- 3 VCI bags (12" x 55")

- 8 mil thickness

- 3 reusable ties

PGB-SDW one package $14.50
+ Sh
 Poly Gun Bag .50 cal package

Poly Gun Bag .50 caliber package

 - 3 VCI bags (15" x 70")

 - 8 mil thickness

 - 3 reusable ties

PGB-50 cal one package

+ Sh

Poly Gun Bag Super Duty package

Poly Gun Bag Super Duty package

 - 3 VCI bags(10" x 58")

 - 8 mil thickness

 - 3 reusable ties

PGB-SD one package

+ Sh

 Poly Gun bag Pistol package

Poly Gun Bag Pistol package

  - 10 VCI  bags (10" x 18")

 - 6 mil thickness

 - 10 reusable ties

PGB-P one package

+ Sh

Poly Gun Bag Variety Package

Poly Gun Bag Variety package

 - 2 VCI bags 8 mil thickness (10" x 58")

 - 2 VCI bags 6 mil thickness (10" x 18")

 - 4 reusable ties








one package



+ Sh



Poly Gun Bag Magazine bags

Magazine VCI bags

 - (5" x 12")

 - 6mil thickness

 - Will fit 30 rnd AK mags, 35 rnd Galil mags, 20 rnd FNFAL mags. Simple and effective.

PGB-MAG 20 bags
50 bags
100 bags

+ Sh

Strip of Poly Gun Bag in ammo can to protect ammo Poly Gun Bag Consumer tip:
Our gun bags give off a VCI/VPCI vapor that will protect metals up to 12" away from the bag material. You can conveniently cut sections of our bags and they will actually act as a VCI/VPCI emitter. Insert them in your ammo cans to protect your ammo, projectiles, brass, etc. You do not have to worry about humidity being sealed in with your items because the humidity activates more VCI/VPCI vapors to be released from the bag material. They can also be used in your tool boxes, tackle boxes, coin collections, and precision measuring tool cases such as calipers and micrometers. Wherever you store metal items in small containers





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