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Cartridge Collectors Corner

The items on this page consist of rare, unusual, and hard to find collectors ammunition, bullets and brass. None of the items are in large quantities, they may consist of one cartridge up to a few ammo can full. These are items that have accumulated over the past 30 years or so from ammo collection buy-outs, auctions, estate sales, gun shows, manufacturers test facilities, etc. Some of these items are preban items, no longer manufactured or imported. We are selling these items for collection purposes only. We assume no liability or responsibility for the items use or misuse, damaged or injuries cause by them.

The following items could be consignment items or from our collection. We can not guaranty how long each will be available because they may be advertised elswhere (gun shows, autions, gun shops, etc.) at the same time.

If you have any collectible items you wish to sell or trade, let us know. Call us if you have anything you wish to consign.


Click on pictures for larger view and info.
.50 Cal.
Click for Larger View and info .50 cal Israeli API ammo, 60's - 70's production, limited quantity 50CCAM24 per round SOLD OUT
Click for Larger View and info .50 cal green tip APT ammunition, Saudi Arabian, with rare sterile headstamp 50CCAM20 one $20.00
+ Sh
7.62 x 54 Chinese white tip ammo 7.62x54 Chinese type 53 white tip sniper ammo 54CCAM6 20 round bundle SOLD OUT
Click for Larger View and info 7.62x54 1000 yard match competition ammo 54CCAM27 20 round box ON SALE $20.00
+ Sh
Click for LArger View and info 7.62x54R Long Range Tracer ammo, Egyptian manufacturer, 54CCAM8 50 round box


Click for larger view 30-06/ .30 cal M2-AP Canadian manufactured black tip ammo. 06CCAM12 50 rounds SOLD OUT
.308 SLAP ammunition 7.62 x51/.308 SLAP ammunition 08AM218 5 rounds
10 rounds
.303 Blue Tip Incendiary Ammunition .303 British blue tip incendiary ammo 303CCAM1 20 round box $65.00
+ Sh
Click for LArger View

.303 Canadian blue tip incendiary, in original box, excellent condition, collectors item, only a few boxes available.

303CCAM19 48 round box SOLD OUT
7.62 x 39
Click for Larger View and info 7.62x39 M43 ammunition, Rare, preban. German manufacture 39CCAM13 one round
10 rnd pack
.30 Carbine

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