Poly Gun Bag Magazine Bags


Magazine VCI bags, 6ml,

– (5″ x 12″)

– 6mil thickness

Will fit 30 rnd AK mags, 35 rnd Galil mags, 20 rnd FNFAL mags. Simple and effective.

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Poly Gun Bags are infused with the most advanced VCI/VPCI formula available
(laboratory tested).
VCI’s/VPCI’S – Vapor Corrosion inhibitors are used for shipping and storage by the military, bearing, steel and parts industries. Now the technology is available to you, custom made for firearms.
How They Work – A continuous, invisible and harmless rust-inhibiting vapor forms an unnoticeable, microscopic layer of VCI/VPCI on the metal which protects the metal’s total surface (exterior and interior parts, including inside the barrel). This layer instantly evaporates when the gun is removed from the bag.

*Magazine not included.

Additional information

Weight2 lbs
Dimensions12 × 9 × 6 in

20, 50, 100